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DX Workout

A sample application that demonstrates the power of the PhoneJS framework and ChartJS data visualization widgets. DXWorkout uses local storage to store data and the PhoneGap API for its splash screen and to persist user data when leaving the application (incoming call, switch to another app, back to home screen, etc). Built with MVVM in mind, DXWorkout illustrates the separation of app logic from its UI. It’s iPhone 5 compatible and includes full source code with PhoneGap Build config. Description

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Kitchen Sink

PhoneJS ships with over 30 touch optimized HTML JS widgets that are automatically styled for each target platform. The Kitchen Sink demo illustrates the use of each widget and how you can use them to build store-ready applications for the App Store, Google Play or Microsoft Store.

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Tip Calculator

TipCalculator is a straightforward PhoneJS application, with a single view and view model. It’s been designed to help you learn the basics of the PhoneJS framework. Description

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